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When it comes to getting the finest quality of car repair and maintenance services in California then one must rely only on expert and experienced technicians. One must select a well renowned and reliable car repair shop or Automobile service center that will cater to one’s repair needs in a customized, prompt and seamless way. There is no dearth of car repair experts in California. One can easily find a top notch car repair shop that will put all one’s concerns at rest.

Ace Auto Care is a family owned business that works on the timeless and changeless values of Honesty and reliability. With a well coordinated team of experts and dedicated folks the company is committed to provide impeccable quality solutions as per car repair and maintenance needs and requirements of the clients. Ace Auto Care is a leading car repair expert that has been in the business since 1980s serving its clients in a customized and comprehensive way.

Ace Auto Care offers a wide range of car repair services that include Alignment, maintenance, Wheels and tires, Tune-ups and oil changes, Shocks and Suspensions, Air conditioning and electric, Engine and comprehensive diagnostic services. Whether you need to get your car’s engine repaired or replaced or you simply need to get your car’s wheels aligned you can easily contact the dedicated folks of the Ace Auto Care and rely on their impeccable quality services.

The expert and committed professionals of Ace Auto Care will replace your car parts with the OEM parts and will ensure that your car gives optimum performance and a long lasting service. Ace Auto Care specializes in offering the best quality auto electrical and air conditioning repair services at a discounted price in a seamless way.  With a dominant online presence, reasonable service rates, a wide array of car repair and maintenance service and personal attention to all details Ace Auto Care facilitates car owners to be free from  their domestic or foreign imported vehicles.

The efficiency with which the expert professionals work has led Ace Auto Care get thirteen 5-star reviews that speaks volumes of the quality of services offered. Car owners are most likely to get family treatment and they must feel free to consult with the experts for getting the best-in-class repair and maintenance services.  Ace Auto Care has come up with special offers in order to give its customers the best deals on their vehicles’ repair and maintenance. Car owners can get 20 percent discount on labor charge till 28th February 2015. Students can avail of 20 percent discount while military personnel can get 15 percent off and senior citizens and new customers can easily avail of 10 percent discount on car repair and maintenance services. For more info and services feel free to visit us online at

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