6 Things You Should Check during Car Maintenance Process

Car Maintenance Process

Like our body, our vehicle also needs regular checkup for diagnosis of problems in alignment, brakes and suspension, air conditioning etc. Timely diagnosis and treatment of car problems is possible only through regular maintenance.

Car Maintenance Process

Car is something you need to love like your child. It is not just a vehicle used as a means of conveyance, but also an efficient and reliable machine. Regular service of the car is essential to not just make it function smoothly but also to ensure your safety on road.

Regular car maintenance is important to ensure timely diagnosis of problems in the vehicle and complete car care. Here are 6 important things you should get checked when taking your vehicle for servicing.

1. Alignment

Correct wheel alignment is helpful in various ways. It not just ensures smooth ride on bumpy road but also helps you save money on fuel and increase the life of tires. This is the reason alignment check should be included regular car maintenance process.

2. Oil

Engine is the heart of car and oil is the oxygen for that. Ask your car care service provider for tune-up and oil change to make the engine work properly.

3. Brakes & Suspension

Engine coolants, brakes and suspension need to be checked after a few thousand kilometers as these lose their properties after sometime. Based on the guidelines given by your car manufacturer and the suggestions of the auto repair company, you should also get brake fluid refilled or replaced.

4. Wheels

Always have a look at the wheels and tires when taking the car for servicing. If you find any signs of damage, ask your service provider to change them. Also, make sure to check wheel rotation and alignment before taking the delivery of your car.

5. Air Conditioning

Auto air conditioning break down comes with many problems like refrigerant leak, which harms the environment as well as you car. It is essential to get this problem diagnosed at the right time and get your car repaired. Getting air conditioning repaired timely also protects you car’s evaporator and compressor from the damage caused by refrigerant leaks.

6. Engine & Transmissions

Checking and engine and transmissions fluids are also important during routine car servicing process. Basic DIY car maintenance techniques can just help you find out the problem but to get them solved you need help of experts.
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