What is the Importance of Belts in Vehicles?

Car Belt

A car is made of different parts. Among nearly 30,000 components in a vehicle, the belt makes an integral part. Check how this belt affects your car’s performance.

Car Belt

A car is made of around 30,000 different elements, which together ensure its proper functionality, prevention from accidents and smooth ride. This might be difficult for a layman or a common car user like you to keep track of all the parts and their importance. But there is one part in the car, every user must be aware of. This is BELT.
A car has different types of belts including serpentine belt and timing belt, which together play a big role in your vehicle’s performance.

What does a serpentine belt do?

First found by the Gates Rubber Company in Denver, US, serpentine or S or drive belt has various functions in a car like running the alternator, water pump, air pump, cooling fans, injection pumps, power steering pump and A/C compression automatically. Having a long snaking path, this belt winds in and out of various components in the vehicle to make sure it works well. The belt is made of highly durable rubber with a smooth and ribbed side. Both the sides have their own functions and any damage in the belt starts creating a squealing noise in the car. In case the S-belt breaks, the engine might overheat or the power steering stops working. To avoid any such risks, you should regularly take your auto for repair in Lafayette.

What does a timing belt do?

The primary job of the timing belt is to connect the upper and the lower engine. Equipped with specifically spaced teeth, these belts also control the frequency of opening and closing of the valves. To ensure smooth functioning of your car, you should get the belt checked after every 40,000 miles or 3 years.

Difference between serpentine and timing belt

serpentine and timing

Many people use the terms interchangeably, while in reality there is a huge difference between the drive belt and timing belt. The serpentine belt is attached to the engine and controls the peripheral devices while a timing belt is connected to the crankshaft to ensure proper and synchronization functionality of gas valves with the piston.
It is always advisable to visit an experienced auto repair company in Lafayette to when you notice symptoms of the bad drive belt and get it serviced.

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