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Most of us become apprehensive when taking our car to an auto repair shop. You are caught in the thoughts of where and how to get a noble auto repair service done at an unobjectionable price. It becomes difficult at-times to get services up to your satisfaction, yet you find yourself paying up a huge amount for the service charge. A good auto repair shop can restore their clients for further visits, while a bad service shop tends to hide the problems and emphasis on the payment. So how would you ever know that the service provider is running a quality dispension of the works they receive?

Ace Auto Care is a family-owned Lafayette business in US, serving in auto repairs from three generations.  They treat customers like family and have furnished fair service throughout the life of their business. They have earned reputation of an honest auto repair shop because of various reasons underlined below:

Long Business Records and Good Word of Mouth

Since satisfaction of service in relation to automobiles is very relative, it is highly recommended to pick up a service shop that has long been into the business. Ace Auto Care is one old company carried on with a lot of passion by three generation of the owners’ family. Since 1980 they have built up a strong referral pursuit for themselves. They have over the time built long term relationships with their customers to build a loyal client base who are greatly satisfied.

Knowledge and Experience of Mechanics

The carefully handpicked team of mechanics in Ace Auto Care has at all times ensured first-rate mechanics, naturally talented and professionally trained to analyze and isolate fault for solving the problems of car.

Original Equipment for replacement

Re-fixing a used auto part is a common practice among many service shops to derive profits.  With Ace Auto Care’s foundation of honesty, reliability, and commitment to the business, they restore your vehicle to the standards of the original manufacturer’s equipment.  They never insist on replacing or buying a new auto part.

Strong Customer Service

With all of their services you will receive a consultation on visual brake inspection, battery and charging systems and part maintenance. They repair your car with their tested methods and they desire to serve you only at a price that is absolute. Their mission is to provision you safe and make you happy. With appetite for more knowledge and service, this family business believes in family oriented business and satisfaction of their customers. They have built up an enduring base of loyal customers over these years

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