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California, the Golden State, is not made of gold. Life is expensive here, and we know that it is. With living costs being as high as they are, with gas prices soaring, and with the Bay Area being a place made for driving the scenic spots as well as being a highly practical method of travel, we want to make sure that when you are trying to take care of your car that you are not subjected to another unbearable expense.


When you want the best service in town accompanied by our outstanding prices, then we of Ace Auto Care have the service that you are looking for. Auto repairs are essential to living in California—we are a car driven state, filled with foreign and domestic makes and models of all varying shapes and practicalities to fit the many landscapes and cityscapes that can be found in California. Auto care and auto repair services need to be comprehensive and not budget breaking, and we of Ace try to give that to you. We offer alignment, tune-ups and oil changes, diagnostic checks, brake and suspension work, A/C and electrical repair, engine work, maintenance, and wheel and tire care all for your car, be it foreign or domestic.


We Californians (and especially Bay Area residents) have to pay for so much else already—we of Ace are your affordable auto repair professionals. Call to make an appointment for all of your car repair services today, and we will keep you running smoothly.

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